Folding It Up

Being a father is the most rewarding experience of my life, but no one told me how much time and energy I would have to devote to parenting. I recently read a romance novel where a woman spent her college years in love with and hopelessly devoted to a college-age sociopath. This sociopath went to […]

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Colorado Clubcorp Courses Ranked

1. The Sonenalp ClubThis course is right across I-70 from Country Club of the Rockies, where for some reason, Jack Nicklaus put a paint by numbers links offering on the floor of the Vail Valley. Nicklaus knows links, and in a vacuum, you can do much worse than CCR, but with traffic, it’s threeish hours […]

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Spam Rice

I developed a taste for grilled Spam whilst working at a food truck that parked on 31st street, between Olympic and Ocean, in Santa Monica. I found this job after three weeks of fruitless searching on Craigslist, the advertisement sought someone with food truck experience who could start tomorrow. I fit both bills. Two years […]

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Whiskey Bent and Golf Bound

The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was to award me a pass that allows me free standby flights. This takes the cost out of flying, but it doesn’t take the stress away. Basically, you put your name on a list with a whole bunch of United employees, they sort you by seniority, […]

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